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The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution confers on private citizens the right to bear arms. This right remains inviolate unless the citizens vote to amend the Constitution and repeal the right. Article III of the Constitution empowers federal judges to interpret the Constitution and protect rights secured under it. Municipalities, states and the U.S. Congress may make ordinances or enact laws restricting the manufacture, sale and use of guns. Any citizen may challenge the constitutionality of laws or ordinances affecting rights secured to them. Any further discussion of the Second Amendment here would be friggin stupid and counterproductive.

The U.S. leads the world in private gun sales, private gun ownership and private gun violence. Tens of thousands of citizens die each year as the direct result of gun violence. The cost of gun violence in the U.S. exceeds $100 Billion annually. Many citizens are calling for stricter laws relating to gun manufacture, sales and ownership. Others decry increased regulation as just another step by Big Brother to take guns away from private citizens. Gun massacres in schools and public places have increased the rhetoric on both sides. There is nothing friggin stupid about this paragraph.

No rights or privileges secured under the Constitution come to us unfettered of cost, duty and obligation. Federal, state and local governments exist to govern and secure the peace of private citizens. The cost, duty and obligation of gun ownership and use may take the form of state or federal gun registration, background checks, tax increases and the like in order to balance the right to bear arms against the security of the citizenry. The right to use a gun in a duel, for example, is prohibited in most states. The goal of is to focus the discussion of responsible gun regulation away from the inflammatory, paranoid, profane and harmful commentaries that polarize citizens on both sides of the debate and obstruct the search for reasonable compromise. Bullying--whether by gun manufacturers and their puppets, or by media heavyweights--is not helpful. serves the public by challenging the stupidity of the more outrageous commentary battering it and its  public servants on the issue of how to and how not to reduce gun violence. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees to citizens, of course, the right to continue to say really friggin stupid things, including the right to say that this is a really friggin stupid organization.

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